Siding – Vinyl

Nothing improves the overall appearance and curb appeal of a home quite like quality siding does. Besides the advantage of improving the appearance, siding also eliminates the constant chore of painting and maintenance, protects your home from the elements, and provides insulation to help you save on those heating and cooling bills.
Our professionally trained installers take great pride in their workmanship and only use the latest, high quality materials. Rust proof starter strips, light and receptacle boxes, Tyvek® wrap and insulating foam board are just some of the ways we go to great lengths to assure a siding job that will not only look great, but last a lifetime.


Siding – Hardie

A well-designed house should make you happy whenever you see it. It simply feels good to have a polished home. The last thing you need is anxiety about how your siding is performing. Reliability is crucial. That’s why so many people choose Hardie siding and trim.
Hardie is a fiber cement siding that protects your home from the elements. It is available in a variety of different colors and shapes to give your home a custom look.
Our professionally trained installers take great pride in their workmanship and only use the latest, high quality materials. Hardie siding is what you need to make your home stand out.



“The most important ingredient to a siding job is installation quality. If the installer attaches the siding too tightly, there will not be room for expansion and contraction during seasonal changes. If he or she hangs siding crooked or does sloppy trim work, the job will be a disaster.

The second biggest factor in a quality siding job is the thickness of the vinyl being hung on the wall. Builders’ special or promotional siding often has a thickness of only 34 or 35 mills. Premium vinyl sidings may be 50 mills thick or more.

The break point between premium and promotional quality, according to Lafnear, is a vinyl thickness of 40 mills. At a thickness of 40 or more, the vinyl has the strength needed not to sag or break and won’t blow off the wall in a high wind. If less than 40 mills thick, the siding will not have the rigidity for long-term good looks.” – Siding World


John and pat did an excellent job with my home improvement project, doing excellent work, demonstrating great work ethic and excellent interpersonal communication skills, showing me all of the work, cleaning up after completing the job, and being very prompt in their appointment schedule. I would highly recommend them to anyone!
Thomas J. Gerou

Job was professionally handled from beginning to end. Salesman, guy who reconfirmed measurements, and installers were prompt, polite, and neat in doing the job. Glad I chose this company over the others that gave me estimates!
Mr. Brody

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